Girls’ lacrosse season preview

Girls lacrosse season preview

Austin Julian, Staff Reporter

With spring sports starting up, that means the girls’ lacrosse team is entering its fourth year.

Unlike other are high schools who do not have junior varsity lacrosse for girls, the team has full JV and varsity teams.

“My goals for this season are that each game, each practice, we continue to get better and grow. We’re still a young program,” head coach Ivan Braszo said. “Our varsity team is mostly 11th and 12th, but we’ve got some 10th graders some 9th graders sprinkled in, and we want to just develop through the season and progressively get better every game.”

With around 18 returning players, 10 of them being seniors, the girls’ team has experience, but Braszo is also looking to some new players to have an impact.

“Danielle Boddie, Erin Cima, Julia Pitz were our top performers last year. They’re all back again this year. We’ve got a couple of young girls that played last year as freshmen that have gotten better, and Grace Whitcomb and Omarrie Duram, and Olivia John is a freshman that is going to be one of our top players and is going to help us as well,” Braszo said.

These players had already achieved some goals from the previous season.

“We wanted to come out and get the program’s first multi-win season. We did that.” Braszo said.

The team has already had some success this season as well.

“I feel like already this season we have improved more as a team where as before it was individual skills, but now we’re doing skills as a team,” senior Destiny Lowman said.

Heading into conference play, Braszo looks to his seniors to set a tone for success.

Braszo said, “We’ve got good senior leaders. Our captains do a good job of leading and keeping everybody focused and making sure were doing what we need to do.”