Boys’ lacrosse look back on first season at Wake Forest


Skylar Haymond, Reporter

Boys’ lacrosse struggled last season to compete with teams that have had the sport for years, but they have plans to build from last year’s record with 22 returning players and 28 new players.

“We performed up to the level a first year team should. I was very impressed by the team’s will to never give up,” coach James Riedel said.

Now that this is the team’s second year, the team hopes for an improvement in their record. The varsity captain, junior Austin Julian, has a main goal for this year to progress as a team.

“Mainly to grow from last year and not move backwards, hopefully move in a positive direction,”

Julian said.

Julian, along with junior Blake Bennett, believes that returning upperclassmen are expected to strive this season as they did last. Their coach has a similar opinion.

“All of the returning players were our top performers from last season,” Riedel said.

Julian commented on one of the team’s weakness he’d like to address.

“Some people can be hard headed and not as open to learning new things,” Julian said.

Julian hopes that familiarity with varsity play will prove useful.

Julian said, “This season we have a better understanding of how the game is played. This will be our biggest strength. Also, one year of experience at the varsity level will help us prepare for teams with a higher skill set than ours.”