Triumphs and challenges of Girl’s Varsity Basketball Team

Ashton Clendenin, Staff Reporter

Seven players from the girls’ varsity basketball team look back on their triumphs and challenges from the season.

The girls have faced many challenges throughout the basketball season.

“In the beginning of the season I lost my dad,” junior starter Jada Miller said.

Even though the team’s leading scorer Miller and the team’s second leading scorer, sophomore Nia Perez got hurt during the basketball season, the girls still won eight games.

“When we played Sanderson we were down by 10, came back and won,” sophomore, Jalin Debman said.

Several players have mentioned how the strong connection as a team helped pull out such a big win against Sanderson.

The girls’ basketball coaches don’t only help the players on the court but also in their everyday lives. Coach Patrick Surles assisted sophomore Lily Frye with her off-court goals.

“He helped me with a scholarship program,” Frye said.

Coach Surles has three daughters. Two of them, Kayla and Keenan Surles, are both on the girls’ varsity basketball team. Both girls say that their father helps them in both basketball and at home.

Keenan Said “he lets us know when and how to get better.”