JV football team takes Cap-8 again


Jules Micchia, Sports Editor

The junior varsity football team once again won the Cap-8. The quest for the “4-peat” or winning the conference for the fourth time was solidified during their nail-biting win against their rivals, the Heritage Huskies, where a field goal won the game.

Many players on JV have contributed to the success of this season. The sophomore quarterback, Mateo Sudipo, plays multiple positions and has been an asset to the team.

“When you have a guy that can do multiple things, you work as a coach to give them an opportunity to contribute,” coach Glendon Dillard said. “I feel like he’s done that in multiple situations. When given the opportunity, he has stood up and made plays.”

Supido amassed five passing touchdowns this season and averaged 15 yards per completion.

Sudipo is building off of his past quarterback experience.

“Freshman year was the first time I played quarterback. I had a friend who was a quarterback, and I did drills with him for fun,” Sudipo said.

Outside of the regular season, Sudipo has been working on his skills.

“I have been working out offseason, working on my arm and doing drills,” Sudipo said.

His extra work has been noticed by his coaches.

“Last season Matteo came in as just an athlete, and we asked him to play QB. He had not really played the position before. So, really this season he was more comfortable with the role and was able to help us there as well as other positions on the field,” Dillard said.

The team’s chemistry on and off the field has influenced their success.

“We hangout outside of school, do homework together and play games together,” Sudipo said.

This chemistry has allowed the team to work through problems on the field.

“Though a number of our games were less than perfect, the two things these guys can really hang their hat on is the fact that they don’t give up, and they know how to win,” Dillard said. “Those skills are highly under-rated these days, but this crew knew how to pull it together in crunch time.”

As Matteo transitions to varsity he will bring strengths and areas to improve upon.

Dillard said, “Matteo is a great athlete. He has a lot of ability to do a number of things. He is coachable as well as hard working. I enjoy his competitiveness, which really helps bind guys together. As for weakness, anybody that age, you want their confidence and vocal presence to grow.”