Wells Fargo ranks conferences based on performance


Wells Fargo evaluates the Wake Forest varsity soccer team each year, and ranks them along with other schools in the area.

Jensen Abhau, Staff Reporter

Each year, the Wells Fargo Cup ranks conference schools based upon each team’s performance. It is sponsored by both Wells Fargo and the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

“Our conference placing is what it is based on,” Athletic Director Michael Joyner said. ” If we finish seventh or eighth in a sport it has a detrimental effect,” Joyner said.

Last year we ranked seventh place, which was five points behind Enloe.

Our two area rivals Heritage and Wakefield finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Only .5 points separated them at 96.5 and 96.

In Joyner’s years of coaching, our ranking stays pretty consistent.

“We usually finish anywhere from sixth to eighth place in my years here,” Joyner said.

Leesville Rd. High School took top honors, propelled by tying for first in girls’ soccer, along with second place finished in boy’s golf, boy’s lacrosse and girl’s track.

Millbrook followed Leesville’s 139.5 points with a 125 point second place finish in Cup standings.

Joyner hopes to achieve a higher ranking this year, our final in the Cap-8.

“A top four finish would be nice, but realistically fifth would be our best since I’ve been here,” Joyner said.

Joyner has numerous teams he would like to surpass.

“Millbrook, Leesville, Sanderson, and Broughton are consistently above us,” Joyner said.

Next year the Cougars will join the Northern Athletic Conference.

According to Joyner, the new conference will have a dramatic effect on the Wells Fargo Cup.

Joyner said, “I feel we will be more competitive across the board and especially in sports that have not much success in previous years.”