Softball rebounds

Senior Chelsey Cunningham takes the mound against Rolesville. Cunningham has played varsity softball all four years of her high school career.

Gus Holub, Co-sports editor

The softball team turned around an early season slump to a six-game win streak as they look to finish the season strong.

“We have been up and down. We are finally getting to a point where we are a little bit consistent especially hitting wise, so I think we are in a much better place than where we started,” coach Brittany Owens said.

The girls at this point in the season are 12-4 overall, and they have been working to fix some of their weaknesses such as attitude during tough game situations.

“If we get scored on first, we tend to get down on ourselves, and sometimes we let it affect the rest of the game,” senior Sarah Vernatter said.

Team members can agree that they continue to improve with more time and practice together. They have had a variety of position switches and have been working with the pitching machine in hopes to better some of the weaker aspects of the team’s game.

It took some time for the girls to find their chemistry as a team, as they struggled early on with motivation from some players.

“This team has a lot of seniors, but it also has a lot of underclassmen, too. I think we were all still getting used to playing with each other,” senior Chelsey Cunningham said.

Multiple teammates have been praised for their contribution to the team’s recent success. Players have stepped up in important situations.

“I think there have been times when everyone has stood out. Freshmen getting crucial hits, outfielders diving for balls, infielders getting out the quick slappers, girls that don’t usually play coming in and doing their job,” Cunningham said.

An important strength of the team is the familiarity the seniors have with one another. They find it easy supporting each other and picking each other up in times of need.

“We all pretty much grew up together, so we’re like one little family,” senior Jessie Barbour said.

As for playoffs, Owens sees potential for the girls and works to prepare them for their moment.

Owens said, “We have a big senior class, so I’m doing my best to have them prepared for what they want. I want them to feel that they did as good as they should have.”

The next home match is Friday April 22 at 7 p.m.