Tennis courts in need of repair


Charlie Byrd, Staff Reporter

The tennis courts are in need of repair due to safety hazards. Damaged spots in the courts could cause serious injury. According to Athletic Director Mike Joyner, the last time the courts were refurbished was 10-12 years ago

“We hope to start the project on the first of June,” Joyner said.

To resurface the courts it is going to cost up to $35 thousand. So far the Tennis Team has raised around $8 thousand, without the financial help of the county. Due to the conditions, the county is expected to provide some money.

“They have provided no money to the date. We are working with them seeking assistance,” tennis coach Cyndi Keller said.

While this process is underway, the team will have to play home matches at Heritage High School’s courts. With Heritage being our close rival, using their tennis courts is a disadvantage for our team. Players will still use our courts for practice but will play home matches at Heritage.

“It is kind of frustrating because every match we have to go out there, and I don’t really know how it is going to conflict with their schedule, but I don’t think it would be too big of a deal in the end,” Junior Nick Fekaris said.

The construction time is not the cause of the team having to play home matches away. When construction starts, it will only take two to four weeks to refurbish the damaged courts. Determination was shown by the players and coaches to keep the courts playable and safe.

“It cost nothing to take care of the courts while they were being played on, just blood, sweat, tears and gas to blow the courts,” Keller said.

But even with the best care, the exposure to the elements degrades the surface. The decision to not play on the courts was entirely based upon student safety.

Joyner said, “The courts are no longer playable and safe.”

Editor’s note: Want to help donate to the repairs of the courts? Contact Athletic Director Mike Joyner [email protected]