Top N.C. recruit shares what he’s looking for from a college

Dexter Lawrence will play in the U.S. Army All-American bowl Jan. 9, 2016 in San Antonio, TX.

Gus Holub, Co-Sports Editor

Dexter Lawrence has been a hot topic on our campus ever since he was a freshman.

Three years later, the now nationally ranked player has acquired over 20 offers from some of the most prestigious college football programs in the nation.

“It’s a blessing to be such a high demand for these schools. They recognize my skill and potential,” Lawrence said.

The schools seeking the young superstar have a list of reasons why they want Lawrence.

In comparison, he also has his own personal list for what he wants most from whichever school he decides to attend.

“I’m looking to get a great education,” Lawrence said. “I also want a school with good tradition in drafting players in my position. I want to have a good relationship with coaches, and I want to play as a freshman.”

Lawrence will consider his list to help narrow his choices. He says his dream school will also include a “good fan base” that is loyal to the team.

Some predict he will stay in state, close to family, and others predict he will choose to play out of state.

“Location will not influence my decision on where I go. It is most important that I fit into their system well, and it fits me well,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence will announce his intentions Dec. 14 at an assembly in the school auditorium.

At the moment, Lawrence continues his senior season with the support of his team and Wake Forest Community.

“The team gets along very well and we are very disciplined,” Lawrence said. “The Cougar Crazies are the best. A lot of loyal fans that I am going to miss.”