Athletics fields repaired over the summer

Trentini stadium field and sports practice field receive $20k in repairs

Trentini stadium ready for fall season sports in Aug. 2015.

Mike Joyner

Trentini stadium ready for fall season sports in Aug. 2015.

Mayla Gilliam, Staff Reporter

Renovations performed on historic Trentini Stadium and the practice field were completed over the summer at the direction of Athletic Director Mike Joyner and the Athletic Booster Club, resulting in greatly improved field quality.

Since the renovations were completed, a sense of confidence about the playing surface is felt on and off the field by the players, coaches and fans.

“I think it just makes for a safer playing surface. I think it provides a better or a little more sense of pride for our teams, and when people walk in, the first thing they notice is how much better it looks than last year,” Joyner said.

The renovations  were extensive. According to Joyner, new sod was placed between the hash marks of the stadium field and other trouble spots were repaired. Large bare areas of the practice field also received new sod.

All totaled, the repairs cost $20 thousand.

Because of these restorations, the players have taken a different approach for the season.

“The players were excited to play on the new surface in the stadium. They all made positive comments about the field,” said Reginald Lucas, varsity football coach. “The new turf on the game and practice fields have made it safer for our athletes, and they are motivated to work extra hard to have success this season.”

Sports other than football are also positively affected by the restorations. The boys’ soccer team had their second home match Sept. 8 on the new turf.

According to senior Zach Engel, captain and center midfielder on the boys’ soccer team, the field eases play.

“I think it’s a lot better. It’s nice having a true roll to the ball, and not having it bounce everywhere when I try to pass it.  It goes straight,” Engel said.

There are still a couple of tweaks that could be made to the fields.

“I think that they need to level it a little bit more, and they need to grow grass everywhere because there are still some dirt spots,” Engle said.

Although still a work in progress, the pride arising from the renovations radiates.

Lucas said, “I thought it made our stadium look like the best place to play football on Friday nights.”