Taking flight


Isabel Jones, Online Editor-in-Chief

With the spring sport season coming to an end, Alex Smalley’s high school golf career is ending as well, but his season has been nothing close to mediocre.
“I have medaled six times total this year, four conference and two out of conference,” Smalley, who will attend Duke University, said.
Smalley balances golf with his academics as well.
“Alex has brought stability the last four years because he is the epitome of a student athlete, holding down his 4.71 GPA and also coming each and every day to play golf to play to the top of his ability,” golf coach Justin Richards said.
Although Smalley has succeeded individually, his team is his first priority.
“The well-being and comradery of the team is more important than any win or bad finish we’ve had all season,” Smalley said.
Smalley won’t be alone on his collegiate golf journey.
“A lot of the kids that I played against in high school I will be playing against them in college as well. It allows me to know that if I can hang with them in high school, then I can compete with them on a collegiate level as well,” Smalley said.
Within the Cap 8, another golfer, Preyer Fountain from Broughton, will be attending Smalley’s rival school, UNC Chapel Hill.
“There will be a little rivalry, but I feel like on the golf course there won’t be a lot of bad blood, but we’ll still want to beat each other,” Smalley said.
Smalley plans on joining the PGA tour after college.
“In 20 years, I’ll be on the PGA tour, but hopefully I’ll be there after college in 5 to 10 years and not 20,” Smalley said.
His coach agrees.
“I love Alex, and I know he has a passion for golf, so I would like to see him pursue that as far as making the tour, and I could totally see him do that,” Richards said.
Richards thinks very highly of Smalley and his success.
“Alex will probably go down as the best golfer that we’ve had here at Wake Forest when it’s all said and done, with all he’s accomplished and just how he approaches the game,” Richards said.
Despite his youth, Smalley projects a mature demeanor on the course. Richards said, “His demeanor is all impressive. You would never know he was an 18 – year- old student. Sometimes you go out there and he looks like a grown man who has been playing on tour for many, many years. That’s how good he is.”