A love for rugby

Connor Cochrane, Staff Reporter

There are several student athletes that are straying from the norm and tackling the uncommon sport of rugby head-on.
Senior Manning Fisher and juniors Trevor Morrison and Jack Sanner all play rugby together for the Raleigh Red Hawks. They practice twice a week and have tournaments on the weekends.
Sanner got into rugby after he saw a video about it online.
“I saw it online and thought it would be pretty fun, so I signed up for it,” Sanner said.
Fisher got into rugby after he suffered a torn meniscus in a car accident, and when he wanted to get back into a physical sport, rugby was the path he chose.
“It’s pretty fun. It’s a lot more intense than I thought it would be, but I like it,” Fisher said.
These students seem to enjoy rugby just as much, if not more than common sports that they used to play.
Sanner said that he thinks rugby is a lot of fun and would recommend it to peers as a fun alternative to more mainstream sports.
Morrison used to play soccer at the high school and club level, and now he has moved towards rugby as well.
“There was a certain sportsmanship to it that I couldn’t find in other sports, and you get to hit people, and they don’t get mad,” Morrison said.
The three had different opinions on whether or not to influence others to join the sport, due to the physicality and unique nature of play.
Fisher said he wouldn’t recommend that just anyone play it. He said it is not for everyone. You have to be willing to play.
Morrison also had a slightly similar opinion.
“If you don’t mind getting hit, it’s definitely a physical sport, but it’s really enjoyable,” Morrison said.
Morrison has recently decided to take a break from rugby, but Sanner and Fisher continue to play their new-found sport with great passion and enthusiasm.
Sanner said, “I think the thing about rugby is that it never stops. There are never any breaks, and it’s a fast paced game, so that makes it a lot of fun.”