Road to redemption

Junior Brooks Cunningham attempts to catch the ball over a Mallard Creek defender. Cunningham missed most of the season through injury.

Isabel Jones, Assistant Editor

As our football season came to an end, our team and coaches reflect over the games, taking in to consideration the wins and losses that have occurred.

The team lost three games in the conference season to Sanderson, Leesville and Wakefield, but they didn’t let those losses affect them in a negative way. Instead they took them and used them to bring the team together as whole.

“Regular season losses made us stronger as a team,” senior tight end, Sam Newhouse said.

The Cougars went in to the playoffs as underdogs, being ranked as a number 12 seed team. Despite the doubt and ranking the Cougars overcame during their whole journey.

“No one expected us to make it as far as we did,” Senior running back, Devante Reynolds said, “It felt great when we proved them wrong.”

Since the Cougars were ranked low, we never had home field advantage, so we were always travelling on the road to redemption.

“I liked it,” senior defensive lineman, Joey Jensen said, “We got to eat dinner at their house!”

Travelling also caused for a travel of the fans. The Cougar Crazies, alumni, parents and faculty followed right alongside with the team.

“Our crowd usually travels really well and they stayed with us throughout playoffs,” senior defensive back, Kendall Massey said, “We went into everything with a lot of fans and a lot of confidence”

Although the team didn’t win states, they still have much to be proud of.

“My proudest moment was making it to states after a one point win over Middle Creek,” senior offensive lineman, Jalen Pearson said.

The one point win over Middle Creek made Wake Forest the Eastern Region Champions and was the final game that put them in states.

“I feel like everything happened for a reason,” junior running back, Bryce Love said, “At the end of the day, everyone wants to win the State Championship, but it is a learning experience and we have to learn.”

One of the main focuses of the whole season was the team learning to become one.

“We played as a team. We don’t have individuals,” Reynolds said.