Hoy embarks on career as WF dance teacher

Cougar alumnus returns after teaching dance at Millbrook High School for two years


Emma Lewis, Editor in Chief

WFHS alumni and dance enthusiast Hallie Hoy has been given a chance to teach what she loves most at the school she once called her own.

Following the departure of former WFHS dance teacher Sherri Newhouse, Hoy was eager to continue her teaching journey at her previous high school.

“When I found out Mrs. Newhouse was retiring, I was just really excited to go through the interview process. I worked at Millbrook for two years teaching dance, so I was excited for this job to be open since this is where I live,” Hoy said.

Hoy’s experience as a dancer has progressed for the past 20 years, even leading her to work at a studio where she once was a student.

“I danced at Wake Forest Academy of Fine Arts when I was young. Then I moved to the Dance Attic in Wake Forest, which is where I also work now, and then ECU,” Hoy said.

Throughout her dancing career, Hoy has aimed for many achievements, one of which she has just recently reached.

“One of my goals was to work at Wake Forest High School and be the dance teacher here. My future goals are just to make dance a part of school culture,” Hoy said. Just like when somebody asks you what your school is known for, I want the dance department to be one of those things.”

The years at WFHS for Hoy were parallel to ours, with dance continuing to be her favorite activity. Her senior superlative even related to her vast involvement in the sport.

“Dance was what made me love it; this space was my favorite part of the day. I was quiet, but I danced all the time and it was what I was kind of known for,” Hoy said.

With the first few weeks of the semester complete, Hoy is already looking forward to the atmosphere she would like her classroom to have.

“Everyone is really positive and really excited for change, so just thriving in that. I want to make sure we do that in the best way and not bring any negativity and just keep the energy going up,” Hoy said.

There are multiple ways Hoy is beginning to encourage this positivity, including having a motto that she repeats to her students.

“We have a saying- I say ‘dance is a what?’ and they say ‘privilege’. I want them to maintain that for the rest of the year, or semester. And then incoming to the next year, to really embrace that in the room,” Hoy said.

Even at her young age, Hoy feels that the opportunity extended to her this year will be long-lasting.

“I would like to make the department grow. I have always wanted to teach dance here, so I see this being my last kind of career path choice, unless something comes along,” Hoy said.

The goals that Hoy has created for the school year involve not only her dancers’ enjoyment of the class, but also the extent of dance at WFHS.

Hoy said, “For myself I hope to advocate for dance as a culture in the school, because it really hasn’t been as big as I think it could be. Then for my students, I hope they stay committed to that, and to enjoy coming to class. I want them to walk in happy, and walk out happy.”