Trentini finalists share their future plans


Tyler Murray, News Editor

Every year six students are nominated as finalists for the Trentini Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship offered. The five finalists who do not win the full scholarship receive $1,000.

Just being nominated shows outstanding character and involvement with the community, making selection itself an honor for Joe Haston, Jules Micchia, Joey Hannum, Colton Compton, and Krysten Le.

“To be a Trentini finalist means to have good character and service, as well as having good academics in schools. I am an actively engaged member in society, and it means a lot to be honored through Anthony Trentini’s scholarship,” Compton said.

These finalists saw the true meaning behind the scholarship, being grateful for the person, not just the money.

“I was honored to be a finalist for the most prestigious scholarship in the town of Wake Forest. Coach Trentini made a huge impact on our town and school, so to be able to represent his scholarship as a finalist was a huge honor to me,” Micchia said.

With the large number of applicants and the small number of finalists, the students were able to really appreciate the award.

“I thought it was a really big honor just to be nominated in the first place. There was a really big applicant pool, and I wasn’t really sure if I would make it to the final stage. Coach Trentini was such a good person to be able to learn more about, and be honored in the kind of was is special to me,” Hannum said.

Academic excellence was highlighted with the selection of these students.

“To be a finalist I feel is one of the most prestigious honors at the school, and that I am showcasing the best of Wake Forest High school. I’m being honored as one of the best scholars here, exemplifying the character traits that the scholarship is trying to put forth throughout our school, town and society,” Haston said.

Everyone’s academic career is fueled by something different, some influences come from others.

“My parents really influenced me because they work really hard, so in return I work hard,” Le said.
Some academic careers are inspired by teachers.

“I am so grateful for all the wonderful teachers who have impacted me academically. Those teachers include Mrs.Hartman, Mr.Belcher, Ms.Stephen and Mr.Mattingly. I am so grateful for their guidance over these past few years. They pushed me to be a successful students and person,” Micchia said.

These finalists are attending Prestigious Universities around North Carolina with big dreams for the future.

“My future plans include going to Duke University where I’m Planning on majoring in international comparative studies and possible double majoring with that and either public policy or political science, minoring in Spanish,” Haston said. “After that, I want to go to diplomacy, possibly in the state department or a non-governmental organization, maybe with foreign humanitarian aid and possibly transfer over to domestic policy later in my career and run for office.”