Tennis players look forward to 2017 season


Joshua Short, Reporter

With positive improvements from previous seasons, the boys’ tennis team hopes to continue improving during the 2017 season.

Head coach Cynthia Keller was content with how team performed last season.

“They finished in 7th place. This is quite an achievement in the tennis Cap 8 conference. We play state and nationally ranked players who play tournament tennis year round, so we are happy to not be last and continuing to see improvements,” Keller said. “We don’t play tournament tennis year round, so our competition outplays us many times.”

The team consists of eight returning players, two of which are seniors, and includes last season’s top performers sophomore Brad Beck #1 seed, senior Kevin Canny #2, junior Mason VanViegen #3, and senior Nick Fekaris #6.

Keller is focused on developing the team over several years. As suggested by the U.S. Tennis Association the team follows a no-cut policy, and Keller is focused on, “developing new players for thinking ahead in future seasons and developing strategy focus by adding volunteer technical coach, Jim Worley.”

Worley is an experienced tennis player and the father of a former WF tennis player who is assisting in training this season’s roster. Keller thinks his presence will greatly benefit the team.

“The players are receiving the benefit of having advanced coaching to help increase their skills and decision-making on the court,” Keller said.

As Keller sees it, Worley’s help has several positives.

“This in turn increases our match play. We’re already seeing longer matches on court, which equals more wins,” Keller said.

This will also be the team’s first season playing on the newly installed tennis courts.

“We’ll be able to play at home, and we’ll be able to adapt to our own environment,” VanViegen said. “We had to travel to Heritage last year, and that was just a big pain to have to go back and forth.”

Keller claims the new courts look and feel great to work and play on.

“I believe one’s environment influences one’s mindset. If you look good, you usually care more because you feel good,” Keller said. “We feel safer on the courts, therefore will take more risks in our game play, i.e., more aggressive shots and movement.”