Huskies fail to stop Cougar playoff run


Junior DB John Jiles fills in at WR vs Heritage

Edgar Rodriguez and Dylan Saunooke, Reporters

The stage was set for the third round rivalry, the Cougars vs. the Huskies. The biggest game in a decade carried a lot of weight, not only for the players, but for the die-hard fans of both teams.

“It was a dream come true,” said senior defensive lineman Xach Gill.

Being down at halftime can really be disconcerting to a team. However, the Cougars kept their composure and played hard all four quarters.

“As a senior class, we just said we weren’t going to go out in the pit like that against our rivals,” Gill said.

A game this big, even bigger since it was a playoff and rivalry game, puts a big pressure on the players to win.

“Just had to keep on going can’t get nervous now,” junior running back Marquis Dunn said.

Beating a team twice is no easy task. A lot was hanging on the result of this game. Bragging rights, dignity, and a step closer to the championship were all on the line.

“I knew we’d come back because we faced diversity the week before against Laney, and we came back in the second half,” junior quarterback Chris James said.

Rivalry or not, it was important to the players to win and be a step closer the getting their championship ring.

“It didn’t really matter if it was our rival or not. We just had to win that game and move on to the regional,” senior kicker Chris Vidal said.

In our conference the Cougars don’t face much adversity, so come playoff time they knew they were going to have to step it up.

At halftime the coaches reminded them of who they were.

“They told us to keep playing Wake Forest football and do what we need to win,” said sophomore defensive end Jaden Mckenzie.

The game this Friday between the Mustangs and the Cougars will be their second time meeting in the regional championship.

Junior running back Devon Lawrence is ready.

“Prepare all week, grind all week and come out Friday and do what we do best and play Wake Forest football.”