Offensive duo

In their second year working together, James and Carrigan surpass last year’s stats.


Charlie Byrd, Assistant Sports Editor

Having a young quarterback can be a difficult route to take for some teams, knowing that they are a big leader of the team, but not for the Cougars.

Last year was junior Chris James’ first year at varsity quarterback, and he had a lot of confidence going into the season thanks to his teammates and head coach Reggie Lucas.

“Coach Lucas has boosted my confidence a lot this year and having more than one Wide Receiver to throw to now, the whole offense I can trust throwing the ball to,” James said.

Only having one loss on his record last year, James has hit the ground running this year with an undefeated regular season and advancing to the fourth round of the state playoffs and high hopes on to getting to the state championship.

James has helped individual players improve also. Senior wide receiver Gunnar Carrigan is one of the main targets of the quarterback.

“Chris has helped me grow and get better because the fact that he has gotten better means he can push me more and challenge me every day in practice,” Carrigan said.

Carrigan and James have had a great friendship on and off the field for multiple years. Having a good relationship between your quarterback and wide receiver is important to a football team for many reasons. Having trust in your receivers to catch the ball as you throw it benefits the production on the field for the offense.

“Our friendship has benefited us on the field because we know each other well, and when things get tough we know we can trust each other,” Carrigan said

Excellent chemistry between a Quarterback and Wide Receiver isn’t just given automatically. To have great chemistry, it takes time and a lot of practice.

“We throw a lot in practice, a lot more than in the games… so that when we get the chance in the game the coaches can trust us to make the play,” Carrigan said.

Having confidence not only in your teammates but in your self is definitely a necessity with being a good quarterback and leader.

“This year I definitely have more confidence in everything I do,” James said “I have already passed one of my goals and that is have better stats than last year. I have more yards and TDs already but there is still 1 big goal left and that is to get the ring.”

Having teammates like Carrigan that have faith in you helps James’ confidence.

Carrigan said, “Chris has improved in almost every aspect between this year and last year, and I think it has to do with his confidence. He’s been able to accomplish more things because he isn’t holding himself back anymore.”