Cougar rushers speak on Wing-T offense


Austin Julian, Reporter

When fans and foes think of Cougar offense they think of the running game.

The wing T formation is something the coaches can attribute to their success.

“I’ve been coaching now for 27 years, and everywhere I’ve went we’ve had nothing but success, and that’s what stands the test of time,” coach Hansel Phipps said.

The Wing T formation gives the team’s three main backs, juniors Devon Lawrence, Marquise Dunn and sophomore Demarcus Jones the opportunity to shine.

“Well, I think the biggest advantage that it gives us is that it fits our offense. The fact that on any play three people can touch the ball and have the potential to hit you for a big play makes defenses really have to work hard to try to prepare for us every week,” Phipps said.

This formation also allows for the Cougar backs’ strengths to show.

“Well, for Devon Lawrence and Marquise Dunn, it’s definitely the combination of strength and speed, and for Demarcus Jones it’s just determination. He hits it hard and doesn’t want to go down,” Phipps said.

Lawrence who has 150 carries for 1,200 yards, has continued to improve his skills ever since his freshman year.

“Mainly I’ve been working on blocking, and that’s been going pretty well. Catching has improved. We’ve been passing more, and I mean running is always something that I’ve been good at, so it’s normal,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence explains his growth since his sophomore season.

“I feel like I’ve gotten stronger faster and just smarter as a player,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence has a very straight forward method on how he can improve his skills.

“Buy in to what the coach is saying and just work hard every day,” Lawrence said.

“Physical,” Lawrence said is how he would describe his running game.

Dunn has some things that have been going well for him this season, including 105 carries for 1,159 yards.

“I could say my running, just running the ball, but I need to improve more in blocking,” Dunn said.

He can credit his success to all the preparation and discipline.

“Just hard work in the weight room and on the field and off the field,” Dunn said.

Dunn also feels he’s improved.

“I think I’ve improved a lot this year because I’m older and I’ve been coachable,” Dunn said.

Dunn has a simple but effective approach on his running game.

“Fast,” Dunn said of his method.

Jones values just doing what the team needs him to do.

“Just being able to execute every play and just play my role,” Jones said is going well for him this season.

However, Jones still has some area for improvement.

“Giving my all every play and not taking any plays off,” are Jones’ goals in this area.

Jones who has 118 carries for 592 yards, hasn’t stopped improving, and he still has two more seasons.

“I feel like I’ve gotten bigger, stronger, faster, and I feel like I’m just a better player,” Jones said.

Jones has a tougher running game that allows him the chance to power through opponents.

“I would describe it as strong, powerful, and it’s steady,” Jones said.

As the playoffs continue, each of the backs have the same common goal.

“To be undefeated and win states and to have the most rushing yards in the Cap-8,” Dunn said.


Overall, the backs have some improvements to make.

“All RBs can always improve on technique, strength, blocking, understanding plays and staying in shape,” Lucas said.

Moving on to Lawrence and Dunn’s senior year fans, teammates and coaches are eager to see what they can do in the playoffs and next season.

Phipps said he is looking forward to watching their growth.

“They’ve gotten better every year they’ve played, and you just can’t wait to see what they can do when they’re seniors.”