DECA makes a difference


Graham Powell, Staff Reporter


This is no role play. DECA has made a real impact on local families by giving gifts to them through the Ronald McDonald House during the holiday season.

One part of the project was an angel tree in the front office that the staff donated items for in order to help families at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham.  The families who were sponsored do not have enough money to buy gifts for their kids.

In total, over 50 items were donated.  Household items were given in addition to gifts.

“It’s important to help people because the joy of Christmas is something that everyone should be able to experience, no matter how much money they have,” DECA president Trent Radding said.

The help DECA gave the families extended beyond the gift giving.  After school Friday, Dec. 19, they traveled to the Ronald McDonald House to make dinner and served it to the families.  The club is confident that these actions made a difference.

“I think that DECA can make a huge impact with this project,” senior Naya Martin said.  “Especially considering that without us these people wouldn’t have a Christmas.”

Furthermore, DECA also supported a family through the Ronald McDonald House Adopt-a-Family program. Between the funds given directly to this and the money raised through Dimes for DECA project, they were able to support a family for about 180 days at the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald Mcdonald House is a place where sick children and their families can live together in a happy environment that feels like home.

“It’s nice to see our efforts have a positive effect on people who needed it,” Radding said.  “This is really what the Christmas season is all about.”