Movies and binge watching fill summer hours


Nick Fekaris, Assistant Editor

With ample free time over the summer, students tried to fill the gaps with TV series and movies.

“Watching Netflix made my summer special and more enjoyable,” freshman Camryn Saunders said.

Some popular TV shows to binge on included “The Office,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Orange is the New Black” and “Dance Moms.” These shows received great reviews by the students who watched them.

“I really liked the suspense of ‘Pretty Little Liars’,” freshman Nayha Kahn said.

Senior Erik Stenhouse preferred humor to lighten the long summer days.

“‘The Office’ was hilarious. It was a riot to watch,” Stenhouse said.

Others watched shows with a more intense purpose in mind.

“I watched ‘Law and Order’ because I want to do law and be a prosecutor,” junior Jayla Cathey said.

TV series were not the only thing that students occupied their time with. Many also attended the cinemas to watch the latest blockbusters.

“I saw ‘Suicide Squad’ when it came out, and I loved it. It was hilarious and action packed,” senior Noah Robertson said.

Some enjoyed watching movies that reminded them of their childhood such as “Finding Dory.” For those who have not seen the film, the next quote spoils a major theme of the plot.

“They found Dory,” junior John Jiles said.

No matter what it was they were doing, students enjoyed their time off as they were able to relax and lay around the house.

Sophomore Marqus Jones said, “My favorite part about this summer was being in my bed.”