Global exploration takes students to new level


Seniors Jules Micchia and Grace Skipper appreciate the scenery of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Lexi Murray, Staff Reporter

Over the summer, students put a whole new spin on field trips. Several of them traveled to Spain, Italy and/or France.

The group took a large bus around the cities and took a ferry when traveling to different islands. While they were there, the group surely did keep busy with many fun activities.

“I enjoyed the 2000 year old aqueduct that we got to walk across in Carcassonne because you just can’t do that in the United States, “ World History teacher Jeanette Salisbury said. “We had the place to ourselves so it was so special. They all got a sense of history.”

Sophomore Jackson Hackney enjoyed experiencing a different culture.

“It showed me the diversity of the world and how everything is so different depending on where you are,” Hackney said.

The groups traveled with the school and made many great friends.

“I traveled with my Latin group and a few of them I’m very close with now,” Senior Grace Skipper said.

Salisbury prepared the kids to be easy going and go with the flow.

“We tell the kids to be flexible, situations change. We won’t always get to do exactly what you want to do, there’s not a lot of downtime, but an opportunity to make great friends and find adventure.” Salisbury said.

Skipper’s favorite sight was the coliseum.

“It was one of the more ancient things we saw and it was a very important part of the ancient Roman cultures I’ve been studying, “Skipper said.

Senior Meghan Sheehan was definitely pleased with the trip.

“It was just so gorgeous, everyone was very nice, and the food was amazing,” Sheehan said.

The trip only had a positive impact on the students and teachers.

“Despite the bad incidences of dangers abroad, our trip was very safe and we found that most people in the world will help you,” Salisbury said. “The world was a beautiful place, and it’s still a beautiful place. The kids got that as well.”

The city of Pompeii struck a magical connection for Skipper.

“I really loved the city of Pompeii because as a child I read all of the magic treehouse books and the one from Pompeii just stuck with me so seeing that in person was completely amazing,” Skipper said.

Latin Teacher Rebecca Stephen would definitely recommend this trip for others.

“Go. Do it. See everything you can see, eat everything you can eat,” Stephen said. “There’s no reason to put off going somewhere if you have the chance to.”