Counselors set goals for rest of school year

The Student Services Department includes three new counselors and a new dean of students

Jamie Calnan, co editor in chief

Four new counselors have joined our staff this year, and there’s more to their job than meets the eye.

Christine Cox, Erika Lindquist and Lisette Untoria are the newest additions to our counseling team, and Elbert Thomas is our new dean of students.

The newcomers have several plans for meeting the needs of students and their parents.

“Since the majority of our staff in student services is new this year, we are all starting on the same page and each bring something a little different. We are making plans, reaching out to our students, parents and staff and utilizing community resources to make sure we are adhering to all the needs of our students,” Untoria said.

A new emphasis has been brought to student services with the arrival of these new counselors.

“My personal goal for this year is to meet all of my students and to help everyone set goals for the academic year. I have a goal bulletin board in my office for my students, and I want to check in on everyone’s goals and help my students work towards reaching those goals,” Lindquist said. “Our school-wide goal is to be more interactive with the students and make sure everyone knows who their counselor is.”

Cox has found excitement as she embraces her new role.

“Probably my favorite part of this job so far has been getting to know my students,” Cox said. “Sitting with seniors and asking them about their passions and goals and watching them light up as they do so really made me think, ‘wow, I am so lucky to be here!’ I am looking forward to getting to know my sophomores and juniors as the year goes on.”

Lindquist believes that the joys of this job are better when shared.

“I love sharing the excitement with my students when they have good news, earned new opportunities, have overcome obstacles and received college acceptance letters,” Lindquist said.

For Lindquist, being a counselor is a role of service in which she can impact students and their future plans.

“I plan to serve as an advocate for my students and help everyone work towards their college and career goals in the future,” Lindquist said. “I plan to encourage my students and to offer continuous support academically, personally and socially and for college and career readiness.”