Students Should Be Allowed To Evaluate Their Teachers

Similar to how colleges factor student surveys into a professor’s evaluation, surveys should be a component of teacher evaluations


Students should be able to grade their teachers. As a student, I am the one directly impacted by the quality of education I receive. Allowing me and my peers to grade our teachers would give me a voice in the classroom and provide valuable insights into the teaching process.

Student evaluations can help to provide a more well-rounded perspective on the teacher’s performance. While teachers may receive feedback from administrators or colleagues, I am in a unique position to offer a different perspective and provide insights into areas for improvement.

In addition, student evaluations can serve as an important tool for teacher self-reflection and growth. Teachers can use the feedback they receive to identify areas where they can improve their teaching style or methods. For instance, if a teacher is really quiet and monotonous and students evaluate and leave a note saying so, the teacher can talk louder and try to be more lively in class. This can help to enhance the quality of education and benefit me and my peers.

Involving students in the evaluation process can help to foster a sense of accountability and responsibility. The teacher may try to make their class more interesting and fun so that their students can give them a good evaluation. However, this can be unrealistic and might not give an accurate representation of how the teacher does their job, but it should make teachers more responsible for their students. 

It sends a message that our opinions matter and that our education is important. This can help to build trust and create a more positive and productive learning environment.