Watch Shopping? Watch Out For Analog Watches!

Unlike smartwatches, the options and price range of analog watches makes them the better accessory and fashion statement


The Seiko SKX007K retails on Amazon for just over $700. Not in your budget? Other dive watches can be had for as little as $40.

Smartwatches have been growing in popularity. But there’s a snazzy option for wrist accessories that have been around for centuries. I’m talking about classic analog watches. 

There’s nothing wrong with smartwatches. They work just as intended. But having to charge one’s watch, pair it and have it look like a weird tiny box is not exactly ideal. With the lack of options, there is also very little one can do to customize their watch. 

That’s why everyone looking for a new timepiece should consider getting an analog watch. 

Unlike smartwatches, the analog watch industry has been around for literal centuries. There’s a watch for everyone, no matter who is buying one. These watches range from as low as $10 to multi-million dollar watches. With the plethora of styles for analog watches and having the choice between battery-powered, known as quartz, or mechanical, known as an automatic, there is a watch for any setting and any occasion. 

Perhaps you disagree with my claim, but here are just a few examples of different types of watches for different people and environments.

Want a nice, full metal watch to look nice with formal attire? Try out a diver’s watch like the Seiko SKX, a well-priced automatic watch. If the SKX is a bit out of your price range, look at a cheaper quartz option like the Invicta Pro Diver series of watches, which can be cheaper than $40 if caught on sale. 

Looking for something to wear every day? Try a field watch like the Timex Expedition or a pilot’s watch like the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane. 

Maybe something a bit different is your forte. Take a look at solar-powered watches like the Citizen Eco-Drive series. There is really a watch for everyone. 

With all of the options available and the reliability of an analog watch, there’s no reason to not go and check some of them out for your next watch. It’s time to go analog!