Your Voice: What Are Your Predictions For 2023?

From the serious to the humorous, here’s a sample of your prognostications


Image by Nvodicka from Pixabay

Eric Mays, 12

“I think the cartel and the Mexican army will get in a big war because they captured El Chapo’s kid.”

Derek Romada, 11

“I think that there will be a big war and the U.S. will get involved.”

Ethan Brittain, 10

“Kanye is going to end up in jail. He’s been acting crazy recently.”

Mike Thompson, 9

“I think something might happen to Lebron this year injury-wise.”

Logan Bailey, 11

“All retail prices will go up and teachers will up the homework.”

Grace Bailey, 9

“I think (hope) that congress will start working together more because they haven’t been able to get as much done while not agreeing.”

Kora Arigbe, 11

“I feel like there will be another form of like Covid or like a sickness or a flu going around, especially in the winter season because I feel like Covid, last year, started a little bit around this time, and it was unexpected, and I feel like something like that is going to happen again, especially with the way everyone’s coughing and sneezing around school. I can see it happening again.” 

Megan Smith, 12

“I predict that me and my peers will graduate, but I guess that’s kinda a given.”

 Sam Gardiner, 9

“I think that music will be really crazy this year. I know a lot of bands and artists that plan to drop.”

Blake Brantley, 11

“I think that aliens will come to earth in 2023.”

Suzie Park, 9

“In 2023 I feel like inflation is going to burst out the top and everyone is going to suffer. But, I also feel like 2023 is going to be a really big year of increasing in technology in a sense. More robots, and unfortunately, probably more jobs being taken, but I hope that people will be able to survive through it.”

Naomi Smith, 11

“I think we are going to beat Heritage in soccer and in basketball.”

Abbey Collupy, 10

“I think that semester two is going to be the worst semester I have ever had. I have French II, Chemistry and AP Government and Politics back-to-back.”

Emily Engelhard, 10 

“I believe that there are going to be big problems with the Taylor Swift concert since there are so many problems already. There could be possible gun violence.”

Jeremy Welty, 12

“I think the division in the Republican party will lead to a collapse. As a few in the party are getting more radical and moving towards the right, they are going to alienate most of their more sensuous base. There was supposed to be a blue wave, but it wasn’t as impactful, so there’s actually going to be a lot of more left-leaning support as we head forward to the end of the year and the next year for campaigning for the next election.”

Noah Pavlovitz, 12

“I’m writing a novel, and I predict it’s going to get really popular and I’ll get famous from it.”

And here’s what some of our reporters predicted: 

Henry Russell, 12

“I think there will be an applesauce shortage.”

Brady Schwier, 11

“I predict Gunna will go back to prison.”

Laney Newnam, 12

“North Carolina will legalize marijuana.”

Siena McGarrigle, 12

“I predict that in 2023 the public will be investigating, calling out and actively boycotting more popular companies like they have already done with Balenciaga.”

Gavin McCuen, 12

“I predict that in 2023, we will see the release of the highly anticipated Squid Game Season 2. Also, there will be a new technology associated with cryptocurrency (like NFTs but worse) that everyone gets excited about before it crashes.”

Vianey Hinojo, 12

“I think all gas powered cars are going to be more strictly prohibited and having energy powered cars will soon be required by all car owners.”

Maya Gardiner, 12

“My prediction is that there will be an increase in environmental awareness. Our earth isn’t in the best state right now and I think people will start focusing on changing that.”

Delaney Crowder, 10

“My prediction is that there will be increased conversations regarding diversity and supporting the LGBTQ community. I also think women’s rights will become an increasing topic.”