Your Voice: What Is Your Go-To Winter Beverage

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Briana Rodriguez, 12

“A white peppermint mocha because it is delicious.”

Sailor Barrington, 12

“Christmas Juice: its like half cranberry juice and half orange juice.”

Alexander Harris, 9 

“It would have to be egg-nog” “I just really like the taste of it because it is really good. I would drink it while watching a Christmas movie or sitting by the fireplace.”

Jeremy Parrott, 10

“100 percent sparkling grape juice. Purple. We have it New Year’s Eve, Christmas, every year.”

Emilia Trickett, 12

“It’s not very festive, but Cheerwine. It’s nice and flavorful compared to something like Coca-Cola.

Josh Hartog, 12

“My favorite winter beverage is hot chocolate because I like the feeling of the warmth going through my body.”

Seth Wilson, 12

“I am going to go with green tea because green tea is warm and good for you. I personally think it tastes good.”

Hailey Nguyen, 12

“Eggnog because I tried it recently, and I thought it was very, very good. I thought it would be super sweet because that was what everyone else was saying, but it actually wasn’t.”

Jacob Fields, 12

“Apple cider because I like the taste of apples”

Nate Vanfleet, 10

“Hot chocolate because it’s hot chocolate. It’s just good. You come in when it’s snowing outside with hot chocolate and sit next to the Christmas tree. It’s just a holiday beverage.”

Nathan Smith, 12

“I don’t know what it’s called. We called it fancy drink as a kid. It’s like sparkling grape juice. It’s really good. My sister and brother loved it growing up, so I was forced to drink it with them. It’s like wine for children but without the alcohol.” 

Julian Ciera, 12 

“My favorite is Puerto Rican eggnog. It’s basically just eggnog with rum and it’s super good.”

Ava Deming, 11 

“My go-to winter beverage is chai tea, like hot tea because I think hot chocolate is kind of gross, and chai is really good. Hot chocolate burns my mouth, I guess: it doesn’t taste bad, but it’s too hot.” 

Evan Haskett, 10

“Warm glass of chocolate milk.”

Leianna Rawls, 11

“I’d have to say sparkling grape juice. It reminds me of ringing in the new year!”