Charter And Private Schools Are Not The Answer

Through regulation, public schools are still the best option for students


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Private schooling has become more and more popular over the years. The days of one school per city are gone. Nowadays, students and parents have tons of options to choose from: public, private or charter. While many see private schools as just a more prestigious or providing higher education, looks can be deceiving. 

With little to no regulation from state government or county, private schools are able to make their own rules, regulations and even curriculum. In most cases this is taken care of by a professional that has worked in the school system before, but in some cases it is not.

If the administration has their own views on how modern schools should look, and these views don’t line up with the educational needs a student has, there can be a problem. 

In less extreme cases, an example of this would be Christian private schools and how they believe religion should be a part of everyday education. In more extreme cases, I would mention Donda Academy. Donda Academy is a private school run by Kanye West. West is known for his success in music and fashion, but not so much education. 

In a recent interview he said, “Engineering is the only thing that needs to be taught in school.” Whether or not he is enforcing this in school is unknown, but I think it is obvious that this is untrue. 

Although engineering is an important part of education and society, there are many more subjects that need to be taught in school and are just as important. 

Education is a vital part of a child’s success later in life, and I think schools like these are potentially ruining their chances. 

The advantage of public education is the regulation. While a lot of private schools do provide a standard education, the ones that don’t pose a big threat on today’s youth.