Women Should Register with Selective Service

Vianna Ramnarain, Staff Reporter

As we all know, when a boy turns 18, he has to register with Selective Service but girls do not.

I believe that if women want to have equal rights, they should be required to register for the military as well.

We have been fighting for equality since 1775 when women were forced to prove themselves useful in order to stay with their husbands at Revolutionary war camps, according to “Time Line: Women in the U.S. Military” at history.org.

However, it was only recently that women were allowed in certain positions in the army, after decades of service. They have been allowed to fire tanks, lead infantry into combat, become rangers, and more.

Four years ago, 19 women made history being the first of their gender to attend the U.S.
Army Ranger School, leading to all combat positions being opened to females in 2015 according to a 2018 article at cnas.org: “The (Mostly) Good News on Women in Combat.”

I believe that women should be encouraged to participate and excel in these new roles. For this to happen, men and women need to be treated as equals. As of 2016, only 16 percent of the enlisted forces were female, as reported by cfr.org: “Demographics of the U.S. Military.”

A good way to begin building equality is to ask the young women of America to register with Selective Service , too. We should all have a part in protecting our nation if given the opportunity.