Teachers: Offer Students a Deadline Extension Program

Paige Hederick, Staff Reporter

The amount of stress students are put under immensely escalators each year of high school. With all classwork, homework assignments, the anxiety of tests and projects, students feel a need to have a break under the pressure. Teachers don’t often offer extensions or give any at all.

Through Queen’s University, they offer the “Students Wellness Services,” which provides an academic accommodation to be negotiated with their professor. It is given to students with learning disabilities, but it can be applied for by the average student as well.

Within the program the extension is mainly used for those who are proved to frequently due to significant reasons, and this is the most simplistic way to request and achieve an extension.

Students who meet the average level of success in their courses gain an extension through negotiation with each individual professor. There is no promise of the details of the extension being the same every time for each professor.

Stress affects the average student of any level, but through my first quarter as a high school student placed in the Advanced Placement Programs, I am already relevant.

According to an Oct. 9, 2015article in The Atlantic “High Stress High School,” it was revealed that stress levels due to Advanced Placement courses and the urge for students to get into college combined with the workload is negatively affecting the students.

“The results aren’t surprising—between the homework required for Advanced Placement classes, sports practices, extracurricular activities…, and SAT prep, the fortunate kids who have access to these opportunities don’t have much downtime these days,” Alexandra Ossola said.

In my AP World History course, it involves an A/B day schedule with English I honors, leading to an abundance of work through the whole year. I constantly find myself in a time-crunched situation wishing for even the smallest extension.

Under the appropriate conditions, administrators should allow the option of a student’s extension. Students could be given a static number of application forms over a certain time period to be applied to assignments. The given teacher would then review his or her application to see the validity of the students perspective to request an extension.

Of course taking the level of the course of the course and the students grade into consideration, the teacher, if they choose, could demand further requirements for this application to become an availability.

It should be noticed that the student who attempts to apply for the extension either most likely will be doing this for the benefit of their grade and the interest of their work, or just because they had developed a sense of negligence to their assignments. Teachers would have the opportunity to obtain a certain level in their course through previous grades.