Crazy Rich Asians is sure to please


Liz Wilburn, Staff Reporter

The new hit Rom-Com, “Crazy Rich Asians” based on the book by Kevin Kwan, puts a modern and hilarious spin on the classic story of a fairytale romance made complex when disapproving family members become involved.

The story starts in New York. Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) finishes her lesson as an N.Y.U. professor and heads on a date with her gorgeous boyfriend of one year, Nick Young (Henry Golding). Nick believes it is time for Rachel to meet his family and asks her to join him at his best friend’s wedding in Singapore.

Right off the bat, Nick’s mom Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh) shows her distaste for Rachel with her icy stares and sarcastic comments. Rachel’s attempts at forming a relationship with Eleanor only end in Rachel being told that she will never be good enough for her son. As if Nick’s mother despising her wasn’t enough, she seems to receive discrimination and harassment from everyone else except Nick’s cousin Astrid Young (Gemma Chan), who very well may be her only ally.

The root of the Youngs’ hatred for Rachel comes down to her ethnicity and status. All of Nick’s family members are proudly Chinese as well as “crazy rich,” while Rachel is Chinese-American and of middle class. The Youngs’ family “higher than thou” persona is far from subtle.

However, the harassment she receives never stops her from being a relatable and easy to love character. She not only adds to the film comically, but is also an amazing role model. She is not the typical girl usually displayed in Hollywood movies. She is not helpless, insecure or solely reliant on a man to find fulfillment and purpose in life. Instead, Rachel is an independent, confident, and accomplished professor. Despite the fact that Rachel is repeatedly harassed by Nick’s family, she consistently turns the other cheek showing how compassionate and selfless she is.

The believability and authenticity of all the characters could not have been fully conveyed if not for the talent of everyone involved. It’s not hard to become emotionally attached to Rachel and Nick. Constance Wu is a professional actress starring in “Fresh off the Boat” as well as other series, but no one would have guessed that this was Henry Golding’s first time on the movie screen. Their amazing ability to portray a deep chemistry between Nick and Rachel allows the audience to rise to Rachel’s defense when his family continually tries to make her feel inferior to them.

In the end, Eleanor is faced with the decision of accepting a girl she sees as unfit and unworthy into her family, or risking losing her son forever.

“Crazy Rich Asians” effortlessly transitions back and forth between funny and light hearted to emotional and tear jerking. With a great storyline, stunningly beautiful visuals and loveable characters, “Crazy Rich Asians” is easily one of the best romantic comedies of all time.