That dreaded red-penned assignment

Kaitlyn Combs, News Reporter

Remember receiving an important paper or test? That moment when time seems to stop, and you hold your breath.

A sudden wash of disappointment fills your body as you get a glimpse of the red marks.

As a student, I find it is really difficult to receive a paper with red ink. Studies show that the use of red ink can damage a student’s confidence and motivation.

Two sociologists, Richard Dukes and Heather Albanesi, created an experiment to prove that red ink releases negative emotions versus any other color. The students were given four versions of a graded essay in various colors.

The results showed that the students judged the red ink more harshly than the blue ink.

I believe that students will have more confidence going forward if they receive a color other than the aggressive nature that the color red produces. A lighter color could go a long way in sending positive signals to the brain, resulting in encouragement.