Promposals have gone too far

Austin Lee, Assistant Editor

Out of all four years of high school, one of the many memories students often hold on to is their night at prom.

But as prom steadily approaches, promposals begin to emerge as well.

A promposal is when a student goes to elaborate and public lengths to ask someone to prom. Sometimes students will go as far as create a poster and wait until the end of a school day or an athletic event to surprise their date. Other examples are leaving notes on desks, writing cheesy one-liners.

Enough already.

Promposals have become too publicized and meaningless.

Promposals were once a great way to show your interest in going to prom with someone, especially when it was meaningful for the two students. Now, promposals are happening left and right.

Just as it is with promposals, anything done too often loses its originality, creativity and meaning.

Why the explosion of promposals? I believe it is because of the heavy use of social media. Students want to post on their social media accounts pictures or videos of their promposal.

So, what was once an iconic moment for two students and them only has morphed into an unnecessary, often cheesy, overly elaborate public spectacle. They have become the main way for students to ask anyone to prom, whether they have a pre-existing relationship or not.

I believe that promposals will continue to happen. If you are attending prom, whether it be with a friend or just a classmate, students should bring their personal lives back from the spotlight of promposals and social media in general.

No matter how elaborate a promposal is, they all suffer from overexposure.

When it comes to the asking of a date, try to keep it simple. If you want to move more to an elaborate, personal way of showing your interest, save it for the night of prom, when it will be truly memorable.