GVRO can save lives

Tips allow law enforcement to confiscate guns under Gun Violence Restraining Orders

Justin Kuropas, Reporter

North Carolina House Rep. Marcia Morey has suggested an idea spreading across the nation called a gun-violence restraining order, which is a way for family members to contact authorities if they believe someone in their family who owns guns poses a risk to the public.

In the case of Nikolas Cruz, if the GVRO was a law then after the tip was given to the FBI, the family or guardians would go to court and the authorities would seize the guns for a set amount of time.

I believe that if a GVRO was in place earlier, then the majority of school and mass shootings would of been prevented. While many would believe that it infringes on the second amendment, others would say it’s not enough to prevent tragedies. I believe that this would be a great step to stop violence. Combine this law with closing the gun show loophole that allows people to purchase firearms at shows with no background checks, and so many lives could be saved.

Banning all guns has been suggested by a few extreme groups, which would leave only criminals with guns and citizens without guns, leaving people defenseless from home intruders and other threats.

I believe to make a clear decision people must look at our constitution that set up our nation as it is today. Even though some people point to the document as being too old to dictate rules for today’s society, I believe the basic building blocks of our nation should stay as they are since they have carried us to become a global superpower in every aspect of the world.

I believe we should also remember what our first president told our ancestors on Jan. 8, 1790 at his first State of the Union address: “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined.”

I am against banning guns, but we should only ban guns once a majority of the people do want guns banned. Current polling suggest this is not the case, so we should take other steps.

Remember we are not fighting for our own safety but our kids’ safety too.