Political division prevents progress

Jules Micchia, Sports Editor

As a young woman navigating our current times, I am disgusted by our culture.
We need a change. When women, minorities, people of different beliefs or practices, the LGBTQ community, people of non-Christian religions and several other groups stand up for their beliefs, they are shunned, made fun of or not taken seriously.
This issue is not a “political” problem, but it is a “moral” one. People need to be taught how to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their differences.
Although we’ve been taught “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” this is untrue. Words do hurt people when they are used to target others. People need to be careful of what they say to others because it does have an effect on the perception people have of themselves.
Dismissing victims hurts others as well.
Currently, a rape culture is running rampant in America. Actions of people including sexual harassment and assault and rape are not punished appropriately. Therefore, this causes a rape culture where accusations are not taken seriously, and many victims are too scared to speak up.
It is our job as the young generation to make America a safer and more accepting place for everyone.

This issue is not a ‘political’ problem, but it is a ‘moral’ one. ”

— Jules Micchia

For example, Brock Turner, a convicted rapist, was sentenced to only four months in prison because the judge thought prison would have a harmful impact on the spoiled former Stanford swimmer.
Yes, the judge feared for a rapist’s well-being in jail.
This was insulting to not only the victim, but it was insulting to many American citizens because instead of caring about the victim’s well-being, the rapist got a lenient term because he had been fed with a silver spoon his whole life.
This is just one of many injustices in our nation. Cases of police brutality, racism, sexism, homophobia and much more poison our nation.
This is appalling. Our country was built on the principal of acceptance, and now our government, especially our president, is turning his back on those whose religion is different than most Americans.
These refugees are fleeing war and persecution. Instead of welcoming them with open arms like America has previously done for basically its entire existence, the president chooses to turn his back on them.
Many Americans want these refugees to be able to come here and lead better lives.
Years ago, my family fled Italy when Benito Mussolini began taking power. Had they not had that opportunity, I wouldn’t be here. My family came here dirt poor, and because of the awesome opportunities in America, my grandfather and his brother were able to rise out of poverty and become a successful part of society.
My grandfather became an accountant and his brother a doctor. This is just one of the millions of success stories of immigrants who were given that opportunity, so why is President Trump taking that away from immigrants today just based on their religion and the fact that there are terrorist groups in their country that they are trying to get away from. Some politicians insist on using the “radical Islam” phrase, which is so ironic because they don’t call out other radical religious groups.
There is “radical” Christianity. It’s called the KKK, but those same politicians have never insisted on calling that awful group “radical Christianity.”
So maybe we should try empathy first, and sympathy if we can. We should listen, care for and shelter the suffering and oppressed.
Let’s save our vitriol and enmity for our true enemies, which aren’t our fellow Americans.