Time in Between Classes

Taylor Roth, Staff Reporter

Every day, at least one high school student is late to class due to the short time between the bells. The length of time in between classes affects students’ attendance record.

More time is needed to be incorporated into the school day, therefore allowing students to do necessary things such as using the restroom or talking to a teacher individually about something that you did not have the appropriate time to do in class.

Most students are running to beat the bell, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Teachers often say things such as “I dismiss you, not the bell,” which then holds students back from leaving class on time and using the entirety of their transition time to get to their next class or use the restroom.

Students are restricted to a five minute transition period in between classes. Even just a small change in time such as a minute or minute and a half would decrease the amount of tardies to class.

Allowing students access to more time allows them to complete necessary tasks and not have to worry as much about being late to class.

After taking a survey, I have come to the conclusion that out of 47 students, around 78 percent of those that were questioned agreed with the fact that the bell schedule should be adjusted.

School Administrators should give students two more minutes to complete necessary tasks in between each of their classes.