Dylan Saunooke, Staff Reporter

Dress code is a very touchy subject for most students because they like to express themselves and wear what they want.

Most students who wear hats just want to wear a hat for the purpose of sporting their favorite team or even just for covering up on a bad hair day.

Most students wear hats simply because they like hats. I’m a student who wears a hat every day. I just wear one because I like them.

I don’t wear them because I’m some sort of rebellious child, but because I just always have. I don’t understand the bad connotation of hats.

The main reason we are not allowed to wear hats is supposedly to mitigate the gang situation, but if the gang situation is really that big of a problem, there should be more rules to regulate gangs in school instead of focusing on hats.

Administrators could easily allow students to wear hats but then have rules for the type you wear. For example, you can wear hats in the hallway, but once you enter the classroom you have to take the hat off unless the teacher allows it. Administrators should just address hats as if they were another article of clothing.