Different levels of difficulty for the same honors subject

Lexi Murray, Reporter

Why is my class hard, but my friend’s class is easy when we are taking the same honors subject?

I believe that even though many students sign up for the same honors subject, the grade they get could just be based on the luck of the draw. There are various teachers, and they all have their own personal teaching style, so ultimately they could alter a student’s grade based on their learning style in comparison.

Teachers believe in different policies. Some decide to give more homework, don’t allow test corrections, put more objectives on tests, or grade more difficult while the other teacher could be more lenient on their class.

Some people say that they balance all the classes to be at the same level of difficulty, but I am taking the same honors subject as my friend, and we compare what we do, and my class is significantly harder than hers.

It’s not fair for one student to be stressed with a lot of homework that one teacher gives them, when the other class has none. They are in the same grade and taking the same honors subject, but just because that student got put into the harder class, they have to work harder.

It’s difficult for all students with all the study hours and homework, but if teachers are teaching their class more difficult, it’s not fair and doesn’t level the playing field for all students.