Student caught in presidential bipartisan divide


Nick Fekaris, Assistant editor

One of the factors that mark the transition to adulthood is the ability to vote in the presidential election. I am one of the few that were lucky enough to turn 18 before the time of the election, meaning that I will be able to vote this November.

However, I will not be voting for either of the two candidates who are now campaigning. Needless to say, when I found out who the two candidates were for the 2016 presidential election, I was severely disappointed.

Not only do I find it ridiculous that these two candidates have made it this far, but I am also severely disappointed in the people who voted for them in the primaries. These candidates are not at all qualified for the job, and one of them even belongs in jail.

Their success in campaigning is yet another testament to how poorly informed voters are and how little they trust the government.

Now, I am forced to choose the better of two evils because the American people have given up on politics.

Rather than voting for these candidates, I am going to vote for Kenneth Bone. Just from his brief appearance during the second presidential debate, I believe him to be a better candidate. I know that this is a waste of my vote, but I want to have the experience of actually voting.

I understand the importance of utilizing the power of our civic duty, but in cases such as these, I would much rather let the power waste than support ideals I don’t believe in.