Dexter Lawrence builds connection with Clemson


Tyler Murray, News editor

From the town of Wake Forest to the school buried in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dexter Lawrence continues his career doing what he loves, playing football.

Dexter Lawrence was known as the face of Cougar football. However, his career at Wake Forest is not what will define his greatness.

Lawrence committed to play at the best school in the country, Clemson University.

I have lived my whole life bleeding orange and purple, which made his decision mean that much more to me. Putting my obsessions aside, this commitment from Lawrence created a connection with Clemson University, linking it and Wake Forest High School together.

In his debut at Auburn University for the season opener Sept. 3, many students had tuned in to watch him play, rooting for the hometown hero on the big stage.

I love that our school is starting to have that bond with Clemson University, a feeling for the Tigers like the one that I have had since I knew my own name.

The Tigers are the number three ranked football team in the country, proving Lawrence to be an elite player, even at the next level. He has recorded 30 tackles and one sack through six games, including the very first sack of the season for the Tigers in the season opener at Auburn. He earned his first start against Troy Sep.10.

My former Spanish II partner was now starting for my favorite team and playing his best yet.