Construction creates traffic, loss of wildlife


Jules Micchia, Sports editor

The planning of construction on Main Street couldn’t be at a worse time. The longest light in Wake Forest is the four way that connects Capital Blvd. and Main St.

The traffic to go straight and turn right is usually backed up all the way to Arby’s. Not to mention the Rogers Road Bridge is closed, causing an unnecessary amount of traffic besides the usual unnecessary amount.

I pick my sister up once a week from Heritage Middle School, and it never took me longer than a half hour there and back, including the time I spent in the line. Now, it takes me at least an hour with the shutdown bridge and the backed up traffic because of it. To make things worse they decided now would be a great time to build even more apartments and a Wendy’s, and there are two other Wendy’s within a mile.

I think Wake Forest is being over developed, and we are destroying our wildlife. Pretty soon Wake Forest will just be Wake because there will be no forest left. The roads in this area are not able to handle the overpopulation.

If people wanted over population and ridiculous traffic, they would move to Raleigh. Many people are attracted to Wake Forest because it is a calm place to raise a family and because it’s beautiful with all the nature. I think Wake Forest needs to be reserved because it is such a beautiful place to live.

Town planners need to stop the excess building within small spaces, preserve trees and forests and make many nature reserves around the town. The main change that is needed is a change in thought.

Planners and businessmen care more about profit than the environment, and that needs to change.