Mixed legislation

Nick Fekaris, Online Editor

America is in frenzy over the recently passed HB2. Boycotts galore and renouncements by public figures truly show the controversy over this bill and its apparent discrimination.

While the bill does discriminate, it tries to do some good as well.
In order to understand the controversy behind the bill, it’s necessary that one understands what the bill is.

The bill consists of multiple parts, but it breaks down into two basic pieces: the bathroom portion and the discrimination portion.
The bathroom part of the bill establishes that people in North Carolina must use the restroom of the gender that is shown on their birth certificate.

I believe that this is both necessary and positive. Something needs to be done to keep grown men out of the women’s bathroom. It’s not safe for the young girls that may be in there, and their presence is an invasion of privacy.

The discrimination portion of the bill, though, is where it gets a bit more complicated. It states that no one has the right to sue based off of discrimination by businesses or workplaces due to a person’s sexual orientation.

This is totally unethical. It promotes discrimination of the LGBT community and provides no protection for them. People are entitled to their own opinion, but they shouldn’t deny someone service in their business or a job because of it.

This is basically the same idea as racial segregation. People who don’t agree with the LGBT communities morals can now deny them service without fear of punishment, just as White’s only businesses did to the African American community during the civil rights movement.

What’s next? Will LGBT people have to ride in the back of the bus? It seems to be the way everything is going.

North Carolina definitely bit off more than it could chew when legislators drew up this bill. They needed to address each issue individually. By lumping bathroom policies and discrimination policies together in one bill, government officials were forced to compromise. They may not have agreed with certain pieces of the bill, but had to settle because they felt that certain parts were essential.

North Carolina needs to right this wrong.

Governor McCrory appeared to try and help by issuing an executive order, but that was just a move to gain back some political points. Someone needs to step in and actually try to make this better. However that is done, I just want to know that all people will be treated equally no matter what their gender, race or sexual orientation is.