HB2 is unconstitutional

Tyler Murray, Co-News Editor

The recently passed bill HB2 has brought havoc and boycotts to the state of North Carolina over the controversy that encompasses this bill and all of its parts. This bill was proposed with the people’s best interests in mind, but unknowingly does the opposite.

This bill requires everyone to use the bathroom to which gender is assigned to their birth certificate. The controversy with this lies with the transgenders who view themselves as another gender, but are required to use the opposite restroom.

I don’t think this bill is fair for anyone.

If I am in the men’s restroom, I would be more uncomfortable seeing a transgender person who identifies as a female in the men’s restroom than I would be seeing a transgender who identifies as a male.

Also, the transgender who identifies as a female may be more likely to make people feel unsafe, due to her sexual orientation and still being attracted to males.

This bill is essentially increasing the issue without even knowing it.

The second part of this bill makes even less sense. By denying LGBT people the right to sue for discrimination, they are having their first amendment rights taken away.

America is known for its freedom and the ability to express yourself in any way that you see fit. What I do not understand is how our country can continue to be prideful of our freedoms and rights, yet we deny some of our own citizens these same liberties.

This is going back on our constitutional rights granted by the 14th amendment. We are constitutionally provided with equal protection under the law for all citizens, which is an absolute opposite of what this bill states.

This bill is an absolute disaster for the state.

It goes against people’s constitutional rights and just creates more of a problem. Maybe they will get their priorities in order and think about what is more important, discrimination or freedom?