73: Is it enough?


Tyler Murray, Co-News Editor

Better than the Bulls? With 73 wins this season, the Golden State Warriors have surpassed the legendary 72-10 record set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls.

The race for 73 was not easy for the Warriors to attain. In the final stretch of the season, the Warriors barely held on to beat the Grizzlies by one point, while they beat them by 16 earlier in the season. Fatigue played a huge part in the Warriors closing games.

The discussion towards the end of the season was if the Warriors reached 73 wins, would the 1995-96 Bulls still be considered the greatest of all time? I guess now it all comes down to if Golden State can bring home another tittle this season.

Injury has once again plagued Stephen Curry: a Grade-one knee sprain will leave the superstar sidelined for at least two weeks.

With a second championship in mind, the Warriors are desperate to hold on until Curry can return. In the meantime, Golden State is priding themselves on the “next man up” mentality. With Curry out, the tightly wound Warriors are still playing their game.

My question is how long can the Warriors keep this up? There is a reason that this team reached 73 wins, and it wasn’t just because of the bench player that stepped up. Curry is a detrimental factor to the Warriors success this year.

No matter if they bring the tittle home, the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors are still the greatest team in history in my eyes. No other NBA team has ever hit over 1000 three pointers in a single season, as well as having Stephen Curry hit 402 three pointers to break his own record for the third year in a row.

To cap it all off, they surpassed the Bulls 72 win record.

These two teams are virtually incomparable. In the Bulls era, “ticky tack” fouls weren’t called, making the Bulls a very physical team. The Warriors, on the other hand, are more finesse and a brilliant shooting team.

The Bulls averaged 105 points per game, while the Warriors average 115. They play two different styles of play: the Bulls finished at the rim, while the Warriors stay beyond the arc.

The Warriors have changed basketball, and I’m not sure to what extent the Bulls could stop them.

This is without a doubt an extraordinary season for the Warriors having some of the most monumental displays of shooting that the NBA has ever seen.

Both with Curry alone, or the whole team combined, the Golden State Warriors are without a doubt the best shooting team to ever lace up.