Look both ways


Jack Spreen, Reporter

Having juniors and seniors going either left or right out of the parking deck causes a traffic hazard.  Many close calls occur due to people going left out of the junior deck while seniors go right.

It’s nearly impossible to see around the right corner of the junior deck when making a left due to the overgrown evergreen trees blocking the drivers view.  The only way a driver can see around the tree to avoid hitting a car coming down from the seminary is to pull out into the lane where all of the seniors are coming from.  This is a safety concern.

There is not supposed to be any cars coming from the seminary lot, but there still is daily.  A few also come down W. Pine Ave.

This really isn’t a problem.  The reason it is a problem as of now is due to the gigantic trees inhibiting everyone’s line of sight.

There is no need to completely cut down the tree, but just maintaining it or relocating it could save juniors and seniors from getting into an accident.

This task could be maintained through a club or team at our school so they can earn volunteer hours.  This way the school doesn’t have to pay anyone, and it gives students an extra opportunity to give back to the community and themselves as it directly affects them on a day to day basis.

Cutting back these evergreen trees/bushes will make it much easier for the juniors and will eliminate potential accidents in the future.