Rachel Lyon, Assistant Editor

A good website can make all the difference.
Convenience is what the world needs, and our school’s newly designed website gives students and staff that desired convenience.
Whereas the old one seemed cluttered and overwhelming, the new website is clean and well-organized.
Our personal favorite is the attention-grabbing slideshow, showcasing pictures from the range of school activities that this entity involves.
These help to showcase some of the activities and people that make WF a great school.
Below the slideshow are “Upcoming Events” that clearly display important activities relevant to the current and upcoming week.
As people who are constantly trying to maintain our busy schedules, it is very beneficial to us that this feature offers an easily-accessible resource as to what’s going on around school.
Furthermore, enlisted beneath the upcoming events are individual tabs encompassing different “School News” information. These quick link-like tabs assist in making it easy to be aware of the epochal information needed to be given to students.
This feature is considerably easier to navigate than our old site.
Additionally, towards the bottom of the homepage are tabs linked to Wake County news.
There is even a link to WCPSS’s homepage. This is obviously helpful, as it’s just as important to know the things occurring outside of school that could very well affect us.
With this being a Wake County website, the top of the homepage features an “our schools” button. Once clicked, the roughly 171 Wake County schools appear for selection.
To parents who have children in various schools at the same time, this facet allows them to easily reach the information of the other schools.
It is also useful to us as news reporters in acquiring knowledge of other schools in order to make comparisons our own.
Compared to our old website, this one is much better. The ease of finding information and the new sleek look are great.
Overall, the new website is very pleasing to the eye. Its vibrant colors and sleekness make “ 2.0” worth the change.