Zipping up love

Backpack Buddies is making the jump from elementary and middle schools to high schools.
Counselors and students will launch the program this semester.
This program sends home food to economically disadvantaged students so they will have enough to sustain their hunger over the weekend.
Currently, there are around 500 students at our school that receive free or reduced lunch during the school week.
However, when the weekend rolls around, there is normally a shortage in food. That is quarter of our student body that has to face hunger.
Since the basic food needs aren’t being met on weekends, this means that these students are not able to fully focus on academics.
With the program in place, we can ensure that these students will have food over the weekend.
The program is run solely on the donations of those in the community.
It is pivotal for the student body to support this program and make it happen, and we feel this is an excellent chance for students to help.
Jodi Deskus, school assistance program coordinator is hoping to do a food drive to start the program.
There will also be an opportunity for different clubs to step up and contribute.
Here is a chance to impact others in the closest community of all, our own school.
Students should rally around this program and lend it immediate support by donating food and donating time, when needed, to assist in delivery.