Isabel Jones, Online Editor-In-Chief

It was always said that senior year would be the best and the easiest. This I have not seen to be true.
This year my time seems to be very limited, and there seems to just not be enough hours in the day.
I take higher classes, I play a sport, I dance and I have worked on and off through the year, while also being involved in clubs at school.
Having all these obligations during the week leaves me with a couple hours of down time during the day that is instead used for the hours of homework that are due the next day for school.
My day begins at 6 a.m. and typically ends around 11:30 p.m., if not later.
On those “later than usual” nights, I typically end up having to force myself to go to bed because if I don’t get any sleep, then I’m not going to be able to get up in the morning, resulting in me being late.
The school day starts at 7:25 a.m., and that time is much too early for our age. It is said that adolescents, need between 9 and 9 ½ hours of sleep, which most of us, more than likely, are not getting.
Everyone jokes about senioritis, even underclassmen. But you do not know the true struggle of senioritis until you are officially a senior.
Senioritis goes beyond just not wanting to go to school.
Seniors are right on the edge of so many opportunities, but high school is what is stopping us. High school is what we dread the most because it’s what stands between us graduating and going to college.
Having graduation and college right around the corner is my only motivation for showing up to school anymore. So many times I’ve said to myself “I wish I graduated early.”
Unfortunately, graduating early is not highly looked upon. Everyone is stressed about their futures and going to college. That is not something to relax about. We do as well as possible to make the final cut for our colleges and make our college applications look as good as possible.
I, thankfully, no longer have to worry about where I’m going to college, but that was because I applied for the early application. Others were not so fortunate and had to wait several more months than I did.
Although college classes will be harder than high school, we are allowed more time. The work load for each day will not be as large as it was in high school, due to only having 2-3 classes a day, allowing more time to study and get work done.
By the end of senior year, a student will have spent 16,380 hours of their life in school.
At this point, as a senior, I am ready to have high school done and over with. We’ve been on a controlled schedule for 13 years of our lives, and the last year cannot be over soon enough.