Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Tyler Murray, Opinion Editor

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Last year was filled with snow days galore. Our wonderful county was being extra cautious, and on any day that there was even a chance of danger on the roads, we had a snow day.
The extra break in the winter consisted of snowmen, snowball fights and hot chocolate. Although, this break wasn’t just a time for being lazy and doing nothing. We also had extra time to do any school work that we didn’t finish.
However, after several days off from school, it started to take its toll. We returned to school with piles and piles of work, quizzes and other assignments that we were supposed to do during those eight days. We were behind schedule, which made us even more stressed out once we returned to school.
People can argue whether or not they thought that the break was worth it or if they were just trapped inside their house for a week.
In my opinion it was definitely a positive experience.
I started out with fun in the snow and time with friends, and when the break came to the point where I started to get bored, I was able to knock out my school work and unwind.
I was less stressed because I had time to think about my upcoming assignments and work that I would have to do. I could think about all the assignments I had and when I needed them done by so I could have a schedule for when I would complete them. I entered the next school week more prepared.
I am still crossing my fingers for another extra break this year. I’m excited for snow anyway, so having it take time out of school makes it even better.
This semester is filled with ugly five-day weeks. Last semester we had six school weeks with four days or less. That gave us students something to look forward to each week. It gave us some hope that there will be some positives opposed to lousy regular school days.
This semester all we have are regular school days. We have three five-day weeks in a row. That kills our vibe. Now we have nothing to get excited about. Our weekends are still just short two days, not long enough to change our sleep schedule and not long enough to unwind and unload the stress and workload that we had from the previous week.
After all the breaks in November and December, followed by exam week in mid-January, February seems like a long and dreadful month.
A little snow vacation would be just what we need.