Lady Cougar Support

Gus Holub, Assistant Sports Editor

Our school is known for its passionate student section at sporting events, known as the “Cougar Crazies.” We have even been ranked as one of the best in Wake County.
We show our love for football and basketball; however, our support towards girls’ sports is lacking.
During a basketball rivalry, most crazies do not arrive until just before the boys’ game.
The crowd is always a factor in any team’s performance. With a strong home crowd, players feel confident and will most likely play better. This means that if more students showed up to girls’ sporting events, our girls’ teams might do better.
Our lady Cougars put in effort at practice every day after school for sports such as volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer. They work just as hard as our boy athletes, but they don’t get a big turnout at games like the boys do.
Some students stereotype girls’ sports as “boring,” but probably haven’t even attended a game. If students would just give it a chance, they would realize that the girls’ games can be just as exciting and fun to watch as the boys’ games.
The girls’ volleyball team this year has had its best season in the past four years. Our softball team made it all the way to the state championship two years ago, and this year’s girls’ lacrosse and soccer teams are set to improve on last year’s season.
Mr. and Ms. Cougar should rally the Cougar Crazies to support the girls’ teams and attend at least one girls’ basketball game, one softball game, one lacrosse game and one soccer game this school year.