Seniors Offer Common App Advice To Juniors

The online application is integral to the college admissions process


As the senior class approaches a new chapter of life and leaves high school, many of the students are learning the results of college applications. With new technology and resources, Common App became a significant help for some students. 

Common App is a single online college application form that is now used by more than 900 colleges and universities. 

“(Common App) is very useful and kind of interactive,” senior Aidin Bakhshandeh said. “It allows you to search up any colleges you want and apply really easily, so I find it really useful.”

The website allows students to create an account, pick the colleges and universities that interest them and see all the requirements and deadlines for each one all in one place. It submits one’s general information and essay to all the colleges and allows applicants to answer the individual questions for each college. 

Common App allows seniors to submit applications to their favorite schools as early as Aug. 1.

Some students get a head start on some aspects of applications before Aug. 1 because colleges typically offer different decision releases including early action, early decision and regular decision. 

Senior Kendall Keith says next year’s seniors should take a look now.

“I would tell juniors to start your Common App section early and have all the questions and essays done during summer, so you can start the school’s individual questions on Aug. 1 and get everything done sooner,” Keith said. 

Senior Brooke Yarusso explains the benefits of using Common App. 

“The easy access and step by step process that it has helps you to stress out a little bit about college applications less,” Yasso said. “I also like that it will save your progress to come back to later.”

While many students love this website, others find it overwhelming and less practical. 

“I personally don’t like the format because it looks like too much, which makes me not want to fill anything out,” senior Pacy Shell said. 

Senior Andrew Baker says the site can add to the stress many seniors feel. 

“I really hate the bright red ‘two days until application is due,’” Baker said. “I would kinda take that away, but I don’t know how I would change it because I feel like it’s necessary to put a deadline in there.”

No matter the stance or side on this resource, current seniors give some valuable advice to the upcoming senior class who might use Common App. 

“Don’t use Common App, but if you do, don’t apply to too many colleges,” Ian Vestal said. “I would just go with one or two good schools, one safe school, and if you don’t get into something you want, just go to community college.” 

Even if students don’t use this resource, senior Camden Harvey gives the students knowledge for this next chapter they are going to enter. 

“Sell yourself to each individual college. Make each college feel like they’re your top choice even if they’re at the bottom of your list. You never know where you’ll get accepted and who will offer you money so take full advantage of every opportunity you have,” Harvey said.